Equipment for Deep Oncological Hyperthermia HY-DEEP 600WM

Andromedic Srl is a leading company in the field of electromedical devices and specifically in the manufacture of deep oncological hyperthermia equipment capable of generating a high intensity electromagnetic pulse.

This impulse and/or stimulus can be programmed to persist over time, ASK modulation (amplitude-shift keying) in OOK mode (ON-OFF Keying). This last mode amplifies the biological effects but above all it gives the possibility to convey biological information to the tissues or organisms concerned.

In particular, our HY-Deep 600WM equipment has the aim to produce an increase in the temperature of the target organ and/or tissue, as adjuvant or neo-adjuvant therapy to support neoplastic and concomitant pathologies, such as infections, inflammation, pain.

Adjuvant or neo-adjuvant therapy to support neoplastic and concomitant diseases, such as infection, inflammation and pain. The synergy of the two effects generates:

Moreover, through ASK modulation of appropriate therapeutic frequencies:


Dedicated Software

With protocols for individual disease oncology through specific algorithms that use ASK modulation to deliver targeted therapy



No radiation protection facilities are required. Trattamento confortevole per il paziente.


Patented Antennas

Radio frequency transmitter with innovative cooling system to avoid burns.


to use

Innovative algorithm for determining the thermal dose delivered.

Surface tumours

Deep Tumours



Financial Solutions


It is possible to rent equipment for deep oncological hyperthermia using various solutions:


you can rent the equipment with a monthly fee.


it is possible to rent the equipment with a fee to be reimbursed to our company on the single services provided.

For customized rental contracts you can always contact our sales office.


We are able to complete our offer with financial solutions such as leasing, monthly rental and performance hire. Through the partnership with BCC Lease we support private health facilities and professionals interested in taking advantage of the rental in order to enjoy capital goods by diluting investment costs over time.


Hy-Deep 600WM con stazione di controllo


The new SW of the HY-DEEP 600WM fully manages the device and can be configured to manage the medical record on a server PC via a WIFI connection or locally.

The SW allows the operator to retrieve the patient’s therapy data, a function that reduces the preparation time for the therapy session.

The operator can also select the therapy in automatic mode so that the equipment will increase the power in Watts according to a matrix of values preset by the operator. The above allows the HY-DEEP 600WM to be operated with a considerable reduction in professional resources.


Refrigerated Antennas

270mm and 170mm models
Cooling system: with water
with adjustable temperature 2 ° ÷ 30 ° C

Elastic Bands

measures: 20 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm


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