Introducing the HY-Deep 600WM

The HY DEEP 600WM, is a device capable of combining two effects. The effect of hyperthermia and the effect of oncothermia. The deep hyperthermia effect, occurs when the device delivers a high power ranging from 300 to 600W. The oncothermia effect is a stress that occurs on the cell at a moderate power ranging from a hundred watts up to a maximum of 300 watts.

This will not result in a temperature-raising effect, but simply in a restoration of the membrane potential. Another technological prerogative of the HY DEEP 600WM is frequency modulation. In devices, this modulation is generally entrusted to a RANDOM sequence. The HY DEEP 600 WM, instead, uses specific frequencies to perform this modulation by acting on the 13.56 MHZ carrier frequency. These frequencies can be classified as bioresonance frequencies and cause very high cellular stress on the cancer cell.

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